At SpendSights, transparency is fundamental to our operations. We are committed to being open and clear about our company ethos and operational principles. Thus, we feel it's important to shed light on the philosophy and rationale that guide our approach.

We don't want your data; We want your money.

This is fairly straightforward. From a business point of view, We want to make my money by rendering (valuable) services in exchange for money from our valuable customers.

We do not want to make my money by offering you a free service and then taking your data and making money off of it (one way or another).

There are several reasons why:

  • There are enough companies in this world selling data. We personally don't want to be one of them.
  • We built SpendSights first and foremost as a solution to my own problems. As such, We operate SpendSights in such a way that we'd want to buy from them if it wasn't us.
  • With all the data regulations going on (GDPR et al), it seems easier (from a business POV) to just make sure we don't handle your personal data
  • With all the hacks and data leaks going on, encrypting everything just seems to make a lot of sense. Both to cover my behind and to make sure yours doesn't get hurt.